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We take pride in providing an exceptional service for our patients. We love hearing about their experiences. Find below reviews from over 200 of our patients.

14th December

I went to Mr Naqui with a huge ganglion cyst on my finger. He was extremely approachable, professional and inspired confidence. He explained everything thoroughly and carried out the procedure with total care and precision. He referred me to his hand therapist who was equally thorough and caring. The cysts have now been removed and I have full mobility back in the finger. The scar is starting to disappear.

Throughout the whole process, Mr Naqui and his team have given the upmost care and attention, and I have felt completely confident in the outcome. If I ever need similar care in future, I will not hesitate to approach him again. Thank you!!

14th December 2023

I’ve had two surgeries now with Mr Naqui and I have to say that it has been an amazing experience from start to finish with both. First was wrist surgery in January of 2021. Now when I need surgery for trigger finger in November 2023, I knew I wanted it with Mr Naqui. It went smoothly and recovery has been great. He has been so reassuring and helpful and I know will be there for me in future if and when needed.

Ambreen Waseem

11th December

I had my initial consultation with Mr Naqui at the beginning of October due to being diagnosed with Dupuytren’s disease in both hands by my GP.

I found Mr Naqui very knowledgeable, professional and friendly as he carried out his inspection and discussed what procedure could be done and the time frame for the the operation. His secretary Donna was again very helpful and friendly when I spoke to her to arrange my consultation and then the operation afterwards which was carried out two and a half weeks later.

All the staff that I came into contact with at the Alexandra from the reception staff, porters, nurses and my physio Laura were all professional and very friendly which made me feel relaxed at all times and nothing was too much trouble for any of them. Following my operation to my left hand little finger there has been little to no pain and now it is very difficult to see any scar to the palm of my hand.

I would like to say thank you to Mr Naqui and all the staff who dealt with me at the Alexandra and for making the whole procedure very easy to organise and stress free. I intend to have the same operation carried out on my right hand in the new year by Mr Naqui at the Alexandra .

December 2023

I had a really good experience in Dr Naqui’s care for a wrist surgery. The entire procedure was painless at the hospital and afterwards and my injury has completely healed 3 months after the surgery. His team was always responsive and proactive in scheduling appointments. I would highly recommend him.

Siddhant Bagri

3rd December 2023

I saw Mr. Naqui at the Alexandra Hospital for an ongoing discomfort and pain in my right hand ring finger. From my initial consultation to having the procedure and the aftercare, the whole experience from start to finish were exceptional. I would like to say a big thank you to Mr. Naqui’s secretary Donna for arranging my appointments as well as Mr. Naqui himself and his great team have all been amazing throughout. Recovery was virtually painless and my scar from the procedure have healed really well as it’s now hardly noticeable (just after 4 weeks). I would highly recommend Mr. Naqui to anyone needing hand surgery.

November 2023

I required Carpal Tunnel surgery on my wrist. The experience I received all the way through was exceptional from Dr Naqui and his team.

I was treated with kindness and consideration throughout, and I was always kept regularly informed of what was going to happen. Everything happened within a convenient timeframe, and the surgery has improved my wrist mobility considerably.

Dr Naqui is one of the most pre-eminent hand and wrist surgeons in the UK, and this really shone through with the exceptional level of care I experienced. I would definitely recommend to others!

Jonny Gaskell

30th November 2023

Mr Naqui is such a lovely person and a great surgeon, he makes you so relaxed and comfortable from the first meeting at your consultation to the day of your surgery. He is also an amazing surgeon and I would 100% recommend him to anyone needing surgery,

22nd November 2023

I initially presented to Mr Naqui in 2022 with a mild case of Dupuytens on ring and little finger on my right hand that was irritating but not impacting me. I had an informative consultation about the likely direction the disease would take but I could wait for now.However over the next 9 months the contracture was increasingly limiting so I rebooked a further consultation and agree a surgical intervention at a time and place that was convenient to me. The surgery itself was carried out swiftly and I was back home in 8 hours. The recovery time supported by the great physio package has meant that after only 5 weeks I am back from full mobility and strength. The scarring is nearly gone and I am utterly delighted with the outcome. Mr Naqui is a true artist and I would encourage anyone with the condition not to leave it and seek advice from the best in the business. As this was self funded I felt the costs of the package was more than reasonable for the excellent outcome.

16th November 2023

I originally saw Mr Naqui 6 years ago as I was experiencing numbness in both hands. At the time I was referred for physio and had splints. Fast forward 6 years and my carpel tunnel symptoms had increased. I went back to see Mr Naqui I was very surprised that he actually remembered me from years ago. He looked at my nerve conduction reports carried out by the NHS amd recommended surgery. I had both my left and right hand done and I am now pain free.

8th November 2023

I was diagnosed with Dupuytren’s contracture and was referred to Mr Naqui. The little finger was considerably bent inwards and I couldn’t straighten it. When I saw Mr Naqui he carefully explained the option of the surgery and was honest and open about the minor risks as well as saying that he could not accurately predict the success of the procedure. He did however say that the finger was at the right stage to benefit from surgery. The surgery was done in a short timescale and I was put under the care of a physiotherapist in order to address the healing and mobility of the joint. I’m happy to say that 6 weeks on from the operation I have full function and a fully straight finger. I have to continue some minor self care to address the minor scarring but it was definitely worthwhile in my case. I would recommend Mr Naqui as a surgeon, I am extremely pleased with the outcome.

Many thanks, Pete


October 2023

I had my Dupuytren’s contracture surgery on my right hand in August 2023. Mr Naqui was recommended to me by a previous consultant (who had operated on my left hand) and I can see why as it has been a great success. I am highly delighted with the outcome and the flexibility in my affected fingers.
The whole team was very attentive and helpful from my initial consultation through to the post Op physio. Thanks 🙂

Mike Bayley

October 2023

I’ve had a very positive experience with Dr Naqui and his team, from his secretary to his team in theatre. Dr Naqui is an expert in his field and still very approachable and clear at explaining the suggested treatment. I have been suffering from hand and fingers pain, due to either arthritis or carpal tunnel, I was advised a personalised treatment that has seemed to work wonders so far as the pain has completely disappeared. Thank you Dr Naqui and team. Highly recommended.

Claudia De Carlo

11th October 2023

I came to doctor nacqui after the NHS didn’t do anything for my wrist issue, he seemed to suspect almost immediately what the problem was. He was honest and realistic throughout my treatment and I’d highly recommend him as a knowledgable and professional consultant 🙂

11th October 2023

I have seen Mr Naqui several times over the past few years for arthritis in my fingers. He has always listened to my concerns and provided me with a range of options. The latest injection in my finger has really helped and I’m no longer in agonising pain. The great thing is I have an open appointment so can go back, without a referral, if my condition flares up again. Definitely recommended.

1st October 2023

I have had such a great experience with Dr Naqui, the hospital team and Donna that I proceeded and got my other wrist done too for Carpal Tunnel. From start to finish I had a clear understanding of the procedure and everything was explained and very professional on the day. Would highly recommend!

Thanks Samantha Lane

Samantha Lane

4th September 2023

Absolutely first class from start to finish ,from the first consultation with Dr Naqui to arranging appointments with Donna ,nothing was to much, times arranged to suit my schedule ,felt at easy and every question that I asked was reassuringly answered ,the operation on Right little finger due to Dupuytren’s contracture was a total success in and out of the hospital the same day ,now have movement back in the joint ,The complete team Dr Naqui has is a well oiled machine and runs to perfection ,would not hesitate it recommending to anyone with hand or wrist issues

21st August 2023

After much research I arranged for a consultation with Mr Naqui at the Alexandra Hospital. Mr Naqui’s secretary, Donna, was fantastic, so lovely and very efficient, and arranged an appointment very quickly for me as I had a very painful lump (mucous cyst) on my middle finger. Mr Naqui was extremely professional, was so easy to talk to, and explained everything so well. I was extremely nervous about having this surgery, Mr Naqui really did listen and gave me the reassure and confidence to go ahead with the procedure. On the day Mr Naqui and his team were just so wonderful with me, I really couldn’t have asked for better care and support, I honestly can’t praise them enough. Just want to say a huge thank you to Mr Naqui, Donna and all his team, I would absolutely recommend them to anyone with hand problems, they are amazing!

4th August 2023

I saw Mr Naqui at the end of April 2023 for the second time to have carpal tunnel surgery on my right hand. This was my second lot of treatment with Mr Naqui after undergoing the same procedure for my left hand back in January 2023. Again – the service I have received has been absolutely second to none. Both Mr Naqui and Donna who arranged both my surgery dates and all of my pre and post consultations have been amazing. Whenever I see Mr Naqui he is without fail always extremely professional and helpful and I truly feel that he really takes the time to listen to me. Mr Naqui has finally given me the answers I needed and fixed the issues with both of my hands. I was nervous about both surgeries and even more so this one with it being my right hand and the one that I use most. However, Mr Naqui and the team again put me completely at ease during the operation which went very smoothly and was done at the time it was planned to be carried out – this was great as it meant I didn’t have time to think about my nerves. The after care has again been great – every person I have come into contact with could not have done more and seem really happy in their jobs which gives reassurance to the patient. I really cannot thank Mr Naqui, Donna and team enough – this surgery has been life changing for me. I am in so much less pain and finally feel I am getting my quality of life back. The service and whole experience overall has been absolutely exceptional. Thank you so much!

July 2023

Thank you for my carpal Tunnel procedure. My hand is now working and no pins and needles. My scar of my hand is so good 😊 thank you again

Sandra Ellis

15th July 2023

The doctor listened to all of my problems and acted promptly and efficiently to solve them all. Him and his team went above and beyond to care for me, they are very pleasant and caring.

14th July 2023

Mr Naqui was super quick and helpful to diagnose and treat me so I was back on the road to recovery as quickly as possible. V friendly and efficient service with an open appt to return should I need it. Thank you!

June 2023

I saw Mr Naqui for two procedures over the past six months and for both occasions I found him to be very friendly, most professional, and incredibly talented. Both issues were resolved in a pain-free manner and without fuss or problem. I would most definitely recommend him to a friend.

I also found his staff to be very friendly, helpful, and most accessible.

Jonathan Basger

May 2023

Prompt and expert help with my wrist issues, resolved and happy with outfomes

Stephen Le Clere

25th April 2023

After breaking my wrist in a fall, I was treated at an NHS hospital , where they re-set my wrist. However the wrist was set incorrectly and I suffered pain and discomfort for several months. I decided then to seek further treatment to try to rectify the problem and made an appointment to see Mr Naqui. Throughout my treatment I felt confident and reassured every step of the way. Donna, Mr Naqui’s secretary, was amazing and very accommodating and supportive from the initial appointment right through to the end.

Mr Naqui explained the procedure he was going to do during the operation and despite me feeling anxious following my initial treatment elsewhere, he filled me with confidence and reassured me each step of the way.

Although the operation was quite complicated due to the way it had been set, Mr Naqui was amazing and with the aftercare and physio I was given I am pleased to say it is back to a place I never thought it would be.

I would not hesitate in recommending Mr Naqui and his team to anyone needing hand /wrist surgery. I am delighted with the service he and his team provided. Thank you Mr Naqui.

23rd April 2023

I was referred to Mr Naqui, due to a cyst in my wrist, at the Spire in Didsbury. I was seen very quickly, and he clearly and helpfully explained all of my options. I was booked into surgery efficiently by the hospital staff, and the care and treatment I received on the day of surgery was incredibly kind and considerate. Prior to discharge, I was booked in for all follow up appointments with the nurses, physiotherapy and for my 2 month review with Mr Naqui.

I highly recommend the treatment by Mr Naqui and the staff at the Spire.

12th April 2023

I was made to feel at ease all throughout from diagnosis to treatment and aftercare. Mr Naqui and the nurses were knowledgeable and caring and kept me informed during treatment and aftercare.


Apr 2023

I saw Mr Naqui at the Alexandra Hospital with “trigger thumb”. The condition was really uncomfortable and getting worse. Following an initial consultation I was given a steroid injection in the base of my thumb. The whole appointment took no longer than 20 minutes. Within a couple of weeks my thumb was completely back to normal. I was very impressed with the professional and efficient way I was cared for. Thank you to the whole team!

Deborah Mawman

17th February 2023

I was referred to Mr Naqui due to a ganglion in my left wrist that was preventing me training and lifting weights.

He listened to my concerns and gave me realistic outcomes.
The surgery went well and on my follow up I was asked if it had improved – which it had.
I was also given future aftercare.

Mr Naqui didn’t at any point dismiss my concerns or reasons for wanting the have the procedure, as for me, it was important.

16th February 2023

Mr Naqui was brilliant from the start of my care onwards, I cant recommend him enough.

He explained the procedure very clearly and I felt very comfortable having him perform the procedure.

The after care has been just a good.


12th February 2023

I saw Mr Naqui at the beginning of January 2023 after almost twelve months of debilitating pain and numbness in both hands which had led to me getting as little as 3 hours broken sleep each night.
I had previously been seen by my local NHS MSK team who had said they thought the pain was caused by Cervical Radiculopathy and referred me to Salford Royal. On receiving my referral I was told that the wait was around 70 weeks and was really at my wits end so decided to pay to get seen privately. I was initially seen by a neurosurgeon who conducted both an MRI scan and nerve conduction studies at the end of 2022 which ruled out Cervical Radiculopathy previously suggested but results did point towards severe carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands.
It was at this point I contacted Mr Naqui via his secretary Donna.
The service I have received since first making contact a couple of days before Christmas 2022 has been absolutely second to none.
Donna has been amazing – I explained my situation to her and she arranged an appointment for me to see Mr Naqui extremely quickly at the beginning of January 2023. Donna also ensured that my medical records from the MRI and nerve conduction studies were passed to Mr Naqui ahead of my first appointment.
On seeing Mr Naqui he was extremely professional and helpful and I felt that he really took the time to listen to me.
Mr Naqui advised that I would benefit from carpal tunnel surgery on both hands however recommended I get surgery on my left hand first as this was giving me the most pain.
I cannot explain how relieved I felt in this moment – that I was finally getting answers and on the path to getting fixed!
My experience got even better from there as I was very very lucky and managed to get a cancelled surgery slot just 4 days after seeing Mr Naqui.
I was nervous about the surgery but really had no need to be as Mr Naqui and the team put me completely at ease during the operation which went very smoothly and was done at the time it was planned to be carried out – this was great as it meant I didn’t have time to think about my nerves.
The after care has been great as well – every person I have come into contact with could not have done more and seem really happy in their jobs which gives reassurance to the patient.
I am around 4 weeks post op now and will see Mr Naqui again soon to get surgery on my right hand.
I really cannot thank Mr Naqui, Donna and team enough – although I am still on my treatment journey as my right hand is to be operated on, this surgery has really been life changing for me.
I am in so much less pain, getting more normal amounts of sleep and finally feel I am getting my quality of life back.
This is a complete 360 to where I was just a few months back where I felt I had hit a dead end at every avenue and was starting to think I would just be in pain and sleep deprived for years to come.
The only thing I would change about the whole experience is that I wish I had looked at going private sooner – the service and whole experience overall has been absolutely exceptional.
Thank you so much!

3rd February 2023

This was my second highly successful Dupuytrens operation with Mr Naqui.

Everything went perfectly once again. I would not hesitate to recommend Zaf, Donna and Esther the physiotherapist and all the nursing staff at the Alexandra Hospital in Cheadle

Many thanks


Alan Humphries

Feb 2023

Fabulous service from Mr Naqui & his team. Everything was well explained, Great aftercare, problem is solved and I’ve had an efficient follow up.

Laura Hitchcock

5th January 2023

I had surgery for dupytrens carried out by Mr Naqui in September. My appointments prior to surgery were all on time and thorough.
The surgery went well and I am so pleased with the outcome.
I would totally recommend Mr Naqui

Jan 2023

Thank you so much for removing the metal plate and restoring full mobility to my left hand. I am very grateful and back playing tennis. The whole experience with Mr Naqui and his Secretary was very efficient. 100 per cent recommendation

Renata Wilde

Jan 2023

I was recommend to see Mr Naqui after having several unsuccessful operations on my hand . I found the experience from start to finish exceptional all of his team treated me with care, respect and professionalism and I cannot thank them enough.

Margaret Barry

Dec 2022

Mr Naqui is a thorough gentleman. Explains everything to you. He medical team are excellent. Donna his secretary goes above and beyond to answer any queries you have

elaine harrison

Dec 2022

Following an injury to one of my thumbs I had a first class experience with Mr Naqui and his team. Thanks so much guys, I’m well on the road to recovery!

Joel Adams

28th November 2022

Mr Naqui and his team have all been amazing. He and his team got me into surgery quickly when I needed it (on a Sunday!), the service has been excellent all the way through. 5 weeks post op and I have my life back! Can’t thank him and his team enough.


24th November 2022

After having problems with my hand cold 2 fingers hand cramping and dropping things
Mr Naqui did a carpal tunnel de-compression operation as an out patient .
I was very suprised to recover so quickly .
A small scar very neat and over the next 3 months heat returned to my fingers
my hand no longer cramps up and i do not drop things .
I have the smallest neat scar .
I am very pleased with the outcome it is better than i could have hoped for
I am very greatful to Mr Naqui.

1st November 2022

I had an accident in my garden in April. I went to a local hospital and they told me I had a hairline fracture in my left wrist which led me to wear a cast for 5 weeks. When the cast came off the fracture hadn’t knitted well. I was still in a lot of pain. I went to see to Mr Naqui and he reassured me if I had an operation he would put a metal plate in to line the bones together. I was very reluctant and extremely nervous as I had only ever had one operation and was very anxious about going into hospital. He convinced me that if I had the operation I would have more flexibility in my wrist. He was very patient and very understanding. When he came to see me before the operation he made me feel at ease and I found his bedside manner reassuring. I have had my final consultation and I am happy to say my wrist feels great and I have no pain. I would highly recommend Mr Naqui.


Oct 2022

I saw Mr Naqui about a Carpol Tunnel issue. I knew what the problem was as I had experienced it in the other hand previously. The diagnosis was quick and straightforward and the surgical procedure and follow up straightforward. Although I believe it is a simple ‘procedure’, it is good to know that you have got an expert looking after to you. Got to also mention Mr Naqui’s Secretary who was brilliant in sorting out the appointments and following up when the original operation had to be postponed at short notice.

Mark Krassowski

30th September 2022

I saw Mr Naqui about a Carpol tunnel issue in my left hand. I already knew what the issue was as I had suffered a similar problem with my other hand, but a diagnosis was required and I was seen quickly and the operation and follow up was all very good. Although the procedure is straight forward its good to know that the person doing it is an expert in his field.


20th September 2022

Over the last several years, Dupuytren’s caused the little finger on my left hand to contract considerably, leading to discomfort and inconvenience in many areas, not least when playing the keyboards and piano.
I live and work on an American Naval Station in Spain, where I was diagnosed, but no surgeons are qualified here to do the surgery. Rather than go to a Spanish hospital and face a language barrier, I chose to research consultants in England, and found much positive feedback and many recommendations for Mr. Naqui.
From the outset, Mr. Naqui and Ms. Clark were incredibly helpful and accommodating. I was even able to consult with Mr. Naqui remotely before and after the surgery.
The surgery itself went very smoothly. Mr. Naqui and the team at Spire were fantastic and quickly eased my apprehension. After the procedure I experienced no pain and minimal discomfort. After the procedure I traveled back to Spain, where I had the stitches removed. I then traveled to the States for several weeks, where I had several sessions with and occupational therapist. All the time Mr. Naqui and the team at Spire were there to answer questions and to consult virtually.
I had the operation on July 8, 2022, and now, on September 7, I still cannot believe the results. The surgery was a real life-changing experience for me. It gave me back the dexterity and flexibility I was lacking. Most importantly for me, I was once more able to play music, my biggest passion.
I can not thank Mr. Naqui and his team enough. I wholeheartedly recommend his services and have complete trust in his skill and expertise.

15th September 2022

I was referred and later diagnosed with arthritis of the wrist and had steroid injections for this. The injections worked and I am currently pain free. The whole process ran very smoothly, and the communication was thorough and clear. Overall, a very professional experience


July 2022

I was looked after from start to finish throughout the full procedure. Highly recommend. I’m glad I had this surgery now. Thanks again. Lee


16th June 2022

The whole process from a GP referral to a hand clinic through to operation was quick , pain free and straightforward.

Mr.Naqui was professional and empathetic and provided me with all the details concerning my condition , rehabilitation as well as any future issues.

I appreciate the intervention undertaken on my hand by Mr. Naqui and am extremely pleased with the outcome.

6th June 2022

I was referred to Mr Naqui after waiting a significant amount of time on the NHS for a tendon rupture in my thumb. It was my first surgical procedure and very nervous however Mr Naqui was truly lovely and extremely patient. He very methodically explained the procedure and the recovery path, allaying any fears i had. I couldn’t recommend him highly enough



After visiting the Alexandra hospital under the excellent supervision of Mr Syed Z Naqui to straighten my doubled over little finger was told it was going to be a challenge.The outcome I am pleased to report has gone perfectly well and I would like to thank Mr Naqui and his staff for their professionalism and fantastic aftercare.

Brian Henshall


Excellent treatment from Mr Naqui and his team. Before the operation I had severe numbness and pain in my left hand. I was finding work and every day life difficult. Noticed a difference within a few days of operation. Now 6 months since the operation and more or less back to normal. The scar is barely visible. Had been nervous about having the operation but so glad I did. Very grateful to Mr Naqui and his team for the professionalism, skill and kindness shown.

jean byrne


Mr Naqui operated on my wrist after a bad break, he arranged for my surgery as soon as he was able, my wrist is now good as new again and I was back using my hand within a week of the operation. Very impressed. Thank you

Rosalind Kay


I recently had my 1st hand operation for Dupuytren’s disease performed by Mr Naqui. I have the disease in both hands, so he can only do one at a time to make day to day life easier for me. Following my 1st operation I have been totally amazed by the results. The little finger on my left hand was folding in to such a severe degree, it was almost touching my palm. Mr Naqui told me it would be difficult to fully straighten but I’m so pleased with the outcome. Following the operation the after care and Physio I received from Lindsay was fantastic. She talked me through all that was going to happen etc and was so accurate with all her information, healing time, treatment etc. Her attention to detail was amazing. I would like to thank all the staff involved with my operation from start to finish. From arriving at reception to leaving a few hours later. It was attentive, informative and they all made me feel very relaxed. Thank you, Wayne Billance.

Wayne Billance


I had Carpal tunnel surgery on both hands (3 weeks apart) in June & July 2019. The results were instant and I was amazed that all the horrible symptoms I had been experiencing had totally gone. Mr Naqui was so professional, friendly and approachable that I had total confidence in his recommendations for the carpal tunnel surgery. Mr Naqui was also so obliging of my time scales as I was going away on holiday at the end of July. Thank you so much Mr Naqui and your very efficient secretary Candice.

Frances Stachini


From start to finish I had excellent care from Mr Naqui and his team. He carefully explained the procedure and gave me back full function with his skill

Gavin Macgregor


My dad had an accident in April, resulting in major poly-trauma injuries, requiring life saving thoracic surgery at SRFT. One of his many injuries was a wrist fracture, which may seem minor in comparison to multiple flail rib fractures, but has actually caused my dad the most problems. At my request, once the initial acute injuries were stable, his wrist care was transferred to Mr Naqui, who from day 1 has consistently listened to him and understood how such an injury would impact on his day to day activities, ability to undertake the necessary rehab and overall quality of life. I am confident that under Mr Naqui’s care my dad will be able to build a therapeutic relationship with him, which will greatly improve his overall surgical outcome and recovery. My family and I are extremely grateful to Mr Naqui for his input, patience, kindness and outstanding clinical skill and I look forward to my Dad seeing the benefit from this. I would be extremely happy to recommend Mr Naqui to anyone requiring upper limb surgery

Jill F


Fantastic service. Mr Naqui made the whole process stress free thank you

Carolyne Brindle


I found Mr Naqui to be both pleasant and professional. He is a very Knowledgeable individual who was able to diagnose and treat my issues quickly and efficiently. His secretary was phenomenal and I was very satisfied with the assistance she provided.

vicki mistry


Mr Naqui is a top class surgeon and a nice guy very professional and very helpful has a duyptons contracture op in March the finger is straight as a rule and bends perfect 👌

shay trainor


I had my Dupuytren’s contracture surgery on my finger in March 2019. It has been a great success, the finger is perfectly straight and I am highly delighted. For and on behalf of James Trainor.

C Taylor


Mr Naqui and his team are fantastic. Very professional and caring a true gentleman! At the consultation Mr Naqui explained what this problem was and what needed to be done. The surgery was explained in full and an appointment was arranged within a few months. I had struggled for months with a rather large pearl ganglion on my middle finger and was finding it increasingly difficult to carry out everyday tasks like writing or opening jars. The surgery to remove the pearl ganglion from my finger was very quick and painless under local anesthesia. I even got to see the ganglion once removed ( I had asked prior to the surgery) Recovery was relatively painless. It didn’t take long for me to be able to use my hand properly again. The follow up appointment was informative too.

Thank you again Mr Naqui !

Helen Olczyk


Mr Naqui has been one of the most kind and caring surgeons I have ever met he’s a very warm person and easy to talk to , from the first consultation he explained everything regarding my hand and wrist symptoms to what the surgery involved and what the after care was. The whole experience was quick and now I have the full use of my hand again . I can’t wait to have my other hand operated on even though I found the surgery painful and coping with one hand for a few weeks awkward. Thanks to Mr Naqui I’ll soon have both hands cooperating with simple daily tasks

H Smith


Very professional doctor. extremely thorough for a stretched median nerve. I went to 2 other Orthopedics who were not as thorough, until I found Dr. Naqui and straight away, I could tell he was a cut about the rest. The man knows his stuff. 5 stars

Dermot Hoban


First class treatment, very professional nice people.

Ian Turner


Zaf was great from start to finish! I came to him for a second opinion and I should’ve done it sooner. I was originally misdiagnosed, and on examination by Zaf it was found that I had a torn UCL, dislocated thumb and badly bruised bone. Really informative with genuine care and time to answer any questions I had. Highly recommend for any hand injuries!



Mr zafar naqui was very proffesional and approachable. His treatment ( injection in hand) was so successful i forgot which hand it was when going back for check up. Thank you mr. Naqui.

Wendi Przewoznik


Dr Naqui has transformed my quality of life. What a fantastic surgeon! He correctly and exactly diagnosed what others had missed, the surgery was outstanding and his follow up care was more than sufficient to ensure I had a full recovery. The result have been amazing and far beyond any expectation. Dr Naqui is a gifted, personable and maticulious professional. You’re in the safest of hands!

Nick Weston


First Class. Well organised,. managed and orchestrated. Professional, re-assuring and and testimony to the N H S.

Graham Bastow


Dr naqui, best surgeon, had two hand operations, my pains completely gone, no pins and needles!

Michelle Barton


Carol Mellor


I had undergone scaphoid surgery at Salford Royal and despite the best efforts of the surgeons there my scaphoid was beyond saving. I was in immense pain and couldn’t move my hand when i went to see Mr Naqui. Now 3 months on my pain has completely gone and the movement is coming back. I would highly recommend seeking treatment with Mr Naqui.

Rob Stone


Went above and beyond to provide excellent patient centred care. I felt well informed, supported and making a good recovery from wrist repair 6 weeks ago.

Holly Eadsforth


I saw Mr Naqui for wrist pain and subsequently had an arthroscopy for treatment. I found Dr Naqui and his team very professional and efficient. Everything was well explained and the procedure went well.

Jing Dai

September 2019

Wrist Injury

I just cannot thank Mr Naqui enough for the diagnosis, the operation and physio you provided for me; and eight weeks on, my wrist is so much stronger. I have used my splint which Lindsey made for my thumb, but have not just decided to have it fused. I have written to the hospital explaining how successful my operation had been and the marvellous treatment I had received from you all. Again very many thanks.

August 2019

Dupuytren’s Procedure

Mr Naqui is a top class surgeon and a nice guy very professional and very helpful has a duyptons contracture op in March the finger is straight as a rule and bends perfect.

July 2019

Wrist Injury

I found Mr Naqui to be both pleasant and professional. He is a very Knowledgeable individual who was able to diagnose and treat my issues quickly and efficiently. His secretary was phenomenal and I was very satisfied with the assistance she provided.

May 2019

Steroid Injection

I found the result to be amazing in that I can now perform every day chores ie. Ironing, hoovering, lifting, and cooking, most of all now able to grip a golf club. I am now making my way back into my golf and can only thank Mr. Naqui for his caring nature and successful procedure.

April 2019

Scapholunate Reconstruction

A little over 6 months ago I was referred to Mr Naqui as I was suffering from pain in the back of my hand and wrist that my GP had been unable to diagnose. I was finding simple things like holding a glass of water painful. On the first meeting he was friendly and polite and relatively quickly assessed that it was most likely damage to my Schapolunate ligament and advised I had an MRI. Around a week later I saw him again for the diagnosis based on the MRI results. Mr Naqui was able to explain to me in terms I understood the damage that was done to my schapolunate and also that my scaphoid bone had turned and needed correcting. He advised that while I could manage the pain it would not heal correctly on its own and to avoid any onset of arthritis he recommended surgery.

Around 10 days later I was admitted into The Spuire as an over night patient. In the morning Mr Naqui visited me and once more ran through the procedure he planed to carry out, the required blockers/pain relief and completely putting me at ease. I had my ligament repaired and 2 pins placed on my wrist to hold everything in place. After surgery he visited me again while still at the hospital to check how I was recovering post anesthetic. After the first surgery I wore a custom fitted splint and only worked on regaining the movement of my fingers. One month on from my first surgery I returned to have my pins removed, again under a general and Mr Naqui visited me in the morning before the surgery and I was also visited by my physio Sarah Keogh.

Post surgery was a long recovery but it was as expected. I continued to wear the fitted splint for a number of weeks while taking it off at various times to complete a set routine of task set by Sarah to rebuild the strength and movement in my wrist. Over time I’ve been delighted to get a full range of movement in all my fingers and I continue to work on improving all angles my wrist can reach, however for me most importantly I feel no pain in my wrist anymore and can continue with every day things you take for granted, like lifting items or pushing open doors. I would thoroughly recommend Mr Naqui not just for his friendly personable approach but also for the expertise and knowledge he has shown throughout my time in his care. I would also like to mention Candice who made setting appointments with Mr Naqui very easy and gave me a number of options when picking time for my surgery and also Sarah who worked closely with Mr Naqui setting goals for my recovery.

February 2019

Dupuytren’s Contracture

Mr Naqui, has operated on my hands on several occasions to correct dupuytrens contracture. On each occasion his explanations and calm manner have allowed me to make a fully informed decision. On the day of the actual operation he seems to find the time to spare that extra moment despite a busy list. The results have been on each occasion excellent and after 10 operations in total I know what I am talking about. If you need to see a hand specialist he is the one.

February 2019

Dupuytren’s Contracture

I first saw Dr Naqui on 4th June 2018 following a referral by my GP for Dupuytren’s contracture in my right little finger. I was very impressed by the way in which Dr Naqui explained the various issues to me – he has great way of talking to his patients and really communicates well. I subsequently underwent surgery in early September 2018 just three months after the consultation. The surgery was successful – my finger is now almost perfectly straight and I am delighted with the result. I could not have hoped for more and am very grateful to Dr Naqui and his team for their great work.  Everything from start to finish was professional, efficient and effective yet at the same time relaxed and friendly. Thank you.

February 2019

Boxing Injury

Dr Naqui is just a genius! I first saw him with severe in my wrist from a this boxing injury, I had a TFCC operation which was fantastic from start to finish. I was kept informed about the whole procedure, he was so helpful and very supportive, all the staff who dealt with me at  Spire Manchester were wonderful. I am currently seeing Sarah the physiotherapist who is absolutely wonderful too. These guys have made my wrist brand new again! Thank you so much.

February 2019

Wrist Pain

I recently saw Mr Naqui for wrist pain. He is very pleasant, very thorough and communicates very well. I would have no concerns about recommending him at all I would describe my overall experience as excellent

January 2019

Hand Surgery

Last year I had hand surgery and Mr Naqui and the nurses at the hospital kept me informed of everything that was going to happen. I was treated with dignity and respect, Mr Naqui and his team made me feel safe and I was very well looked after. The outcome from the surgery I had was amazing, the recovery time was about 6 weeks as I have a manual job. The scar healed really well and is hardly visible, I had several sessions of physiotherapy which really helped me prepare to go back to work. Mr Naqui is an amazing surgeon and I would highly recommend him to anyone, he is really caring and really listens to you and your concerns.

December 2018

Thumb Injury

December 2018

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

November 2018

Finger Injury

November 2018

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

November 2018

Wrist Arthroscopy & Excision of Ganglion

November 2018

Carpal Tunnel & Trigger Finger

November 2018

Thumb Injury

October 2018

Steroid Injection

Mr Zafar Naqui was very professional and approachable. His treatment ( injection in hand) was so successful I forgot which hand it was when going back for check up. Thank you Mr Naqui.

October 2018

Scaphoid Surgery

I had undergone scaphoid surgery at Salford Royal and despite the best efforts of the surgeons there my scaphoid was beyond saving. I was in immense pain and couldn’t move my hand when i went to see Mr Naqui. Now 3 months on my pain has completely gone and the movement is coming back. I would highly recommend seeking treatment with Mr Naqui.

July 2018

Distal Radius Fracture

Just writing to say thank you again for taking care of me last week. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your help. I don’t usually sit still for long and getting an injury that affects my career as well as climbing/cycling/swimming/mountaineering/etc was a real shock.
xxxx made a great call in saying you’d be the right person to go to and I feel really lucky to have had such a good patient experience. I would appreciate it if you could also pass my thanks on to the rest of your team, every person I met was extremely kind and professional.

Jan 2018

X-Ray Guided Injection

I attended the Alexandra Hospital for an x-ray guided steroid injection to my hand. The attention I received was excellent and I should be very pleased if you would convey my grateful thanks to Mr Naqui. It was a first class experience – Mr Naqui leads an extremely well organised team in a very relaxed and professional atmosphere.

Thank you all.

Kind regards

Anne H

Sep 2017

Traoeziectomy for Thumb Arthritis

Dear Mr Naqui,

I am writing to express my sincere thanks to you and all your team for taking such excellent care of me before,during and following my Trapeziectomy+FCR Sling on the 14th.June 2017.
As you will recall,I had been suffering with osteoarthritis in my left-hand thumb for 4/5 years,but which deteriorated severely during 2015. Since late 2015,I had been having steroid injections elsewhere but which proved to give only temporary relief initially and then finally being of no benefit.
Since I was referred to you by my GP in mid-May 2017,I was particularly impressed by your obvious willingness to help me and your very kind efforts to fit me into your busy operating schedule only a few weeks later.
Following surgery,I was,as expected,in quite some pain which was treated effectively with pain killers. After some 12 weeks,the pain level had reduced considerably…
Following on-going massaging of the scar,together with regular physiotherapy,I am finding I can achieve improved movement each week and was able to start driving again 7 weeks after surgery.

Now,I am already able to carry our certain movements which I was unable to do before and feel confident that,as time goes on,I shall make a complete recovery.
I should mention that your Physiotherapy Manager,Laura Edwards,played a crucial role in my recovery and was extremely helpful,kind and patient throughout the 10 weeks she looked after me,for which I am extremely grateful.

As a 72 year old man,whose day-to-day activities and sleep were being badly affected by restrictions and pain before surgery,I can now look forward to many years of pain-free use of my left-hand.
With my sincere and grateful thanks.
Kind regards,


Sep 2017

Dupuytrens Surgery

Just a short note to say how pleased I am with my recent treatment from you for my right hand Dupuytrens disease. Service has been excellent before , during and after surgery.

My finger is now straight and I feel sure there could not have been a better outcome. Thank you.


Mr G. Jones

July 2017

Heading: Wrist Tendonitis

Experience: I just moved to UK from USA so I was stressed about my tendinitis in my wrist especially with my work (I travel a lot internationally). I shopped for doctors for a month before finally choosing Dr. Naqui. He understood my situation and was very accommodating. He made me feel comfortable in whatever choice of treatment we decided.

Outcome : I had to be in Asia for work 2 weeks post surgery, his team was amazing. They accommodated me and I was able to recover with none of my work deliverables suffering. Very happy. A month later I have started my return to gym, hoping to beat my personal best soon..



June 2017

Ganglion on left little finger

I wish to thank mr Naqui and his wonderful team on the operation to remove a ganglion from my little finger. I was treated as a day care and had a general anaesthetic. So i was discharged with painkillers, but the operation was such a success i was pain free. The scar has now healed and is barely visible and I also have full flexibility of my finger again. I cannot thank Mr Naqui enough for his professionalism and expertise, I would recommend him very highly to anybody with any hand complaint.

Yours Paul W

Paul W

Feb 2017

Carpal Tunnel Decompression

I had a Carpal Tunnel Decompression operation, performed by Zaf Naqui.

I was very nervous about the operation. Mr Naqui was very reassuring and explained everuthing and answered every question I had about the procedure. The whole operation from start to finish took 7 minutes would you believe?

My main fear about the procedure was the pain or being able to feel what was going on as your awake. I can honestly reassure anybody, who is hesitant, that there was none whatsoever and I was very surprised when he told me the procedure was over as I thought it would have took at least half an hour !!

I went back after 10 days to have my stitches out and to see how I was getting on. The wound was the neatest wound I have ever seen in my life.
I was given some simple exercises to do over the coming months to help with the flexibility, swelling and healing.

It’s been 10 months now since the operation and I’m pleased to say it was a real success. I don’t even have a scar as it was so neatly done. I would encourage anyone who needs the procedure to get it done as soon as possible. As the relief is instantaneous and well worth your hand being out of action for a couple of weeks. It was so simple and easy I am hoping to get my other hand done this year.

Attached are some photos of before during and after.



Nov 2016

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Throughout 2015 I had increasing pain in my right hand, which was eventually diagnosed as carpal tunnel syndrome.
My doctor prescribed ever increasingly strong pain killers, to little or no avail, as the pain woke me up, giving a broken night’s sleep for both me and my wife.

By now, the pain was excruciating…and I came to see you.

The operation seemed to take no time at all; was virtually pain free; and I was able to go home later that day, with a comprehensive list of do’s and don’ts.
I subsequently saw your lovely physio who gave me a detailed programme of exercises.

..I am now pain free; sleep well at night; can use my right hand fully; and surprisngly have no trouble with my left wrist, and we are grateful to you and all your colleagues for all your care and attention.

With kindest regards,


Mr K Lloyd

November 2016

Sports Testimonial from a North-West Top Division Club

Mr Naqui has been invaluable to us over the course of last season. He understands the demands and time restraints placed on players and medical staff within a professional sports club. There have been a number of cases when we have been able to call upon Mr Naqui’s expertise at short notice, and his interventions have been second to none, no matter the complexity of the injury. I always leave Mr Naqui’s consultations with a thorough understanding of a player’s injury and often some new information for my own development. Our players have also commented that they leave with an excellent understanding of their options and we have had very successful post-operative results that have allowed players to continue to perform to a very high standard.

Oct 2016

Thumb Injury

Ruptured Radiocollateral Ligament

I injured my right thumb skiing, and was referred to Mr Naqui for surgical repair. This was definitely the right course of action for me. Mr Naqui has been utterly charming, caring and informative at every visit to see him.

My thumb is good as new, and I am able to resume a rather active lifestyle. He and Laura are both consummate professionals – up to date with the latest research, friendly and approachable. it has been a pleasure being treated by them!

Dr Carol P

Oct 2016

Dupuytrens Contracture

Dear Mr. Naqui

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the very successful operation upon my hand for dupuytrens contracture and physio post op carried out.

As you had pointed out upon my first visit I did leave it until quite late and my last three fingers of my right hand had bent right over adopting a ‘claw’ like position which made both the carrying out of my work and day to day activities such as shaving etc very difficult and shaking hands with people quite embarrassing.

My hand is now totally normal and flat, functioning normally, I would say to anybody with the same problem, do not leave it until it was at the stage mine was get it sorted quickly, you do not need to put up with it.

I would recommend you and your teams professional services in a heartbeat and indeed for anything regarding hand or wrist problems.

Kindest Regards


David B

September 2016

Wrist Pain / Wrist Arthrsocopy

Dear Dr Naqui,

I just wanted to thank you very much for the operation you performed on my wrist and hand on 24/09/16.
I realise it is still early days and my recovery will take a little while longer.

My personnel feelings though are that the procedure you performed has made an amazing difference already.
I can already now feel my fingers which were numb ang tingling before you operated.

I am so very pleased with the results in such a short recovery period.
I also feel I have most of my grip back without the pain I had pre-operation.

Anyway I just want to say I appreciate all your help with managing the recovery of what was a very painful and disabling condition before your intervention .

Kind Regards

Mr Lawton Berry

Maria S August

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

I had been dealing with pain and numbness that reached the point of interrupting my sleep and even though I was on painkillers it was getting worse.
I had experienced burning like sensation in my fingers and palm moving up my arm.My fingers were swollen and I was in pain when gripping and holding things. At some point, things were falling out of my hand.

When I was first examined by Doctor Naqui he suggested to go through the Carpal tunnel operation which I did and I am very pleased with the results.The whole procedure was painless under the anesthetic and I was instructed during the procedure to signal if I was in pain.I was not in pain. I have not experienced any more pain since the operation. There was a small wound about 3 cm long. In fact I was relieved I had it done, recovering without any side effects.

I am very pleased with Doctor’s Naqui work on my hand and it was well worth having the operation.
I would definitely recommend this operation as means of drastic relief of carpal tunnel syndrome pain.

Thank you Dr Naqui,



July 2016

DeQuervains disease

I would like to thank Mr Zafar Naqui for the treatment I received by him and his team at the BMI Alexandra Hospital.

I had received a lot of bad information about this treatment from people saying how much it hurt and that it might not work. But my experience of the treatment and the result was well worth it. The pain is no more than a normal injection and I am not a fan of injections.

My wrist has been problem free since the procedure and if I needed it doing again I would not hesitate.

Thank you Mr Naqui.


K Hodge

June 2016

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Trigger Finger & De Quervain’s Syndrome

Dear Mr Naqui,
Thank you very much for giving me back the use of both my hands. I am very grateful for all your help. I feel fine now.


March 2016

Dupuytrens Disease / Contracture

By Autumn last year I had a ring finger, suffering from Dupuytren’s disease, which was inflexibly curved in a ‘u’ shape over my palm which made use of the hand extremely awkward.

Mr Naqui operated on my hand in November. This operation was extremely successful and by the end of January my finger was perfectly straight and had normal speed of response and range of movement. The whole of my palm and finger has normal touch sensitivity and without any pain.

It is a delightful outcome and I would recommend all patients to persevere and use the split as instructed and not feel tempted to stop using it. It is an important ingredient to the straightening of the finger into a normal position and it is a great temptation to stop using it after a short time.


Andrew S

Feb 2016

Mucous Cyst / Ganglion

Mr. Naqui performed an excision of my cyst, located in the joint of my left thumb. I had been referred to him after experiencing ever increasing difficulty in using this most essential of joints. The cyst would also be painful if knocked or overused.

Mr. Naqui performed the operation under local anaesthetic, in about 20 minutes.

I have today, just been for a review and been able to tell Mr. Naqui that my thumb is back in full working order. Highly recommended if you have similar problems.


David. Aged 60

Feb 2016

Wide Awake Hand Surgery for Dupuytren’s Disease

I visited Mr Zafar Naqui with Dupuytren’s disease which had affected my little finger resulting in it being permanently bent double. The measurements taken showed this was a serve to moderate condition which affected my little finger with a 90 degrees bend at the MCPJ and 60 degrees bend at the PIPJ. My little finger was not usable and just got in the way of my hand.

I underwent a needle fasciotomy with a wide aware surgery procedure under local anaesthetic. This procedure was very quick and I just had to wear a hand splint for a few days afterwards. The small wound in my hand had healed within a week and I was able to straighten my little finger and use my hand normally. I was very surprised at how quickly I had recovered and now after two weeks I am using my hand totally normally with the condition resolved. I have some minor pain in my hand which is subsiding every day.

I found Mr Naqui to be very professional and approachable and a fantastic surgeon, who with this procedure has enabled me to get back to normal activities in an amazing time. I would like to thank him for his skill and attention and his commitment in resolving my condition.


Mr John Walters B.Sc. (Hons)

Jan 2016

Removal of tumour/lump

“I am writing to you regarding the procedure you carried out on my right index finger…The whole experience at the Alexandra Hospital was very reassuring and calm, something I needed as a nervous patient! I was admitted and shown to a lovely room. All the staff assisting you were very professional and you showed me twice what you had done to my finger!! You then dressed my finger….I personally am so happy with it and have had no problems at all and would like to thank you for all your help…Please pass on my thanks to all your team and especially to you thank you very much”

Yours sincerely



Jan 2016

Dupuytrens Disease/Contracture

“Within minutes of meeting Mr Naqui and his Hand Therapist, Laura, I found myself put at ease and relaxed by the level of comfort, reassurance and confidence that the operation would be a success.

From admission through to discharge on the day of the operation (I seem to have missed only an hour of my day sedated at 0900 and awake by 1000) the staff were wonderfully reassuring and supportive.

Nothing was too much trouble in fact my visit was probably more comfortable than some hotels I have experienced in the past.
3 weeks later I have almost recovered normal use of my hand…

I entered Spire hospital full of trepidation having been frustrated for 12 months with a little finger that was curling over and becoming increasingly inconvenient not to say painful and embarrassing. To be honest, I can’t thank Mr Naqui and Laura enough two people at the top of their game.

Why I waited so long or was so worried I know not. In fact I’m looking forward to having the left hand done now.”

Mr IK, Director Bury FC

November 2015

Arthritis of the Hand and Wrist

“Mr. Naqui treated my wrist and thumb with injections…just a quick nip into theatre and all done. What a miracle, pain and swelling gone. So pleased..”

Mrs S

September 2015

Trigger Finger

“I wish to express my deep gratitude for your good care for my finger and your gentle injection.I am well and completely cured.”


June 2015

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

“Mr Naqui, may I say how delighted I was at the treatment I received whilst I was under your care for my Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The events from first consultation through surgery to final discharge were excellent.

Thanks to your detailed explanation of events during the surgery, I had no concerns about having the operation. The staff and nurses were helpful and kind, the hospital very clean and inviting.

Mrs M W

March 2015


“Words cannot express my gratitude for your kindness and wonderful care for my mother. Your skill and bedside manner are just exceptional! Thank you again so very much! “

Dr C

Feb 2015

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

“Dear Mr Naqui , I would like to thank you and your wonderful team (especially Laura) for the fantastic treatment on my hand (Carpal Tunnel Decompression) which I have received from you all and for the kindness and reassurance shown to me whilst I was having surgery. Many thanks”



Dec 2013

Scaphoid Fracture

“To Mr. Naqui. I felt I must write this note of thanks and appreciation to you and your dedicated team of staff for the excellent result of my hand operation. The scar is hardly visible. I consider myself very fortunate to have been the recipient of your expertise, skill, care and attention. My most grateful thanks. “


Mrs T

July 2014

Cubital Tunnel Syndrome

“Dear Mr. Naqui. I have recently been under your care and I am writing to thank you for your help. Unfortunately my condition had been wrongly diagnosed and my experience had been painful and distressing. Thankfully you immediately recognised the condition and set me on the right path to help manage and subsequently rid me of the symptoms. So please accept my thanks for the care and the speedy diagnosis and treatment arranged for me. “

Mrs W

July 2014

Wrist Fracture

Dear Mr. Naqui. I had a very complicated fracture fixed…thankfully I have regained the movement/function in my hand/wrist and was able to go back to full time work in June. Words cannot express my gratitude and appreciation for the treatment, care and kindness given. Thank you to all the team.

Mrs C

July 2014

Wrist Fracture

May I just take this opportunity to thank you for doing such a fantastic surgical procedure on my fractured wrist, which I know was a very serious injury and required the very best of medical and surgical expertise. I received the very best of care and attention. Again many thanks for getting me back to normal.

Mr F

Dec 2013

Finger Fractures

Dear Mr Naqui, Thank you very much for the excellent treatment that you provided along with Laura. My fingers are pretty much back to normal now, which is fantastic.
Yours sincerely


Ms Z  

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