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Zaf Naqui on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in Daily Mail

Stretch marks? No, my pregnancy nightmare was crippling HAND PAIN: Channel 4 comedian reveals her harrowing experience


  • Kerry Godliman from Derek got carpal tunnel syndrome during her pregnancy
  • This condition can cause numbness, tingling and pain in the fingers and hands
  • It affects up to 1.5 million UK adults, and can become permanent if left untreated


There were certain things that comedian Kerry Godliman was prepared for during her pregnancy — such as heartburn or swollen ankles.

What she wasn’t expecting was to end up needing wrist surgery after a pregnancy-related problem made driving and coping with everyday life painfully difficult.

For Kerry — perhaps best known as Hannah in Channel 4 series Derek (where she appeared alongside Ricky Gervais) — had developed carpal tunnel syndrome.

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